Klawiatura laptopa do Acer aspire 5830T (CZ)
Klawiatura laptopa do Acer aspire 5830T (CZ)Klawiatura laptopa do Acer aspire 5830T (CZ)Klawiatura laptopa do Acer aspire 5830T (CZ)Klawiatura laptopa do Acer aspire 5830T (CZ)
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67,90 zł gross
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Unfortunately we will not ship today (it's after 13.00) - we ship on business days.
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Product description

Laptop keyboard

  • high-quality replacement laptop keyboard
  • perfectly matched with your equipment
  • durable and reliable
  • 24-month guarantee

Durability and reliability
The Movano laptop keyboard is a high-quality product, created with the utmost care from durable and reliable materials. The keys are made with great care, and the materials used make their pressure and rebound very comfortable. The keyboard is perfectly finished, and its use does not differ from the original one replaced by it. The diligent workmanship makes the keyboard resistant to dust and dirt.  

A perfect match with a laptop
The keyboard is fully compatible with your laptop, fits perfectly and is immediately ready for installation. Just place it in the right place, plug it in and you can enjoy long and undisturbed work.

The quality of the original at the price of the replacement
Thanks to the high-quality workmanship and durable materials, we can provide a 24-month guarantee for both the keyboard and all components. At a reasonable price, you receive the peace of mind that if something bad happens, you can use of our guarantee immediately.
What should you pay attention to when choosing a keyboard?
When choosing a keyboard for your laptop, you should be guided by two more parameters, in addition to the quality of its finish and price. Here they are:

  • compatibility-  compare the shapes of the keyboards shown in the photos, as well as the hooks and connection tapes (for convenience, click on the photo to enlarge it) - these elements must be identical with the keyboard you want to replace, the keyboard layout itself may be different.
  • arrangement of the keys - choosing the most convenient one for us is an individual matter; we can choose an island layout (there is additional space between the keys), a classic layout (larger buttons with smaller spacing), although sometimes there are more sophisticated ones (e.g. round keys).

You can read more about keyboards and how to choose a laptop keyboard? In our article.

Environmental Protection
When producing our Movano laptop keyboards, we care not only about the quality of workmanship and durability, but also about the natural environment, which is confirmed by CE, RoHS and ISO9001 certificates.

Interchangeable with models
  • 1F144505205M
  • KB.I170A.409
  • KB.I170A.410
  • KB.I170G.317
  • KB.I170G.318
  • KBI170A410
  • KBI170G318
  • MP-10K33U4-6983
  • MP-10K33U40698
  • NK.I1713.066
  • NK.I171S.00W
  • PK130HJ1B00
  • PK130HQ1A00
  • PK130HQ3A00
  • PK130IN1A00
  • PK130IN1B00
  • PK130IN2A00
  • V121702AS2
  • V121702FS1
Compatibility with


seria Aspire
  • 5342
  • 5350
  • 5755
  • 5755G
  • 5830
  • 5830G
  • 5830T
  • 5830TG
  • 5951G
  • E1-501P
  • E1-510
  • E1-522
  • E1-522G
  • E1-530
  • E1-530G
  • E1-532
  • E1-532G
  • E1-532P
  • E1-532PG
  • E1-570
  • E1-570G
  • E1-572
  • E1-572G
  • E1-572P
  • E1-572PG
  • E1-731
  • E1-731G
  • E1-771G
  • E1-771S
  • E15
  • E17
  • E5-511
  • E5-511G
  • E5-511P
  • E5-521
  • E5-521G
  • E5-551
  • E5-551G
  • E5-571
  • E5-571G
  • E5-571P
  • E5-571PG
  • E5-721
  • E5-731
  • E5-731G
  • E5-771
  • E5-771G
  • ES1-512
  • V3-531
  • V3-531G
  • V3-551
  • V3-551G
  • V3-571
  • V3-571G
  • V3-731
  • V3-731G
  • V3-771
  • V3-771G
  • V3-772
  • V3-772G
  • V5-561
  • V5-561G
  • V5-561P
  • V5-561PG


    • N76
    • NV52L
    • NV55
    • NV55S
    • NV55S38U
    • NV56R
    • NV57
    • NV57H
    • NV57H70U
    • NV57H77U
    • NV57H83U
    • NV57H84U
    • NV75
    • NV75S
    • NV76R
    • NV76R26
    • NV77
    • NV77H
    • NV77H32U
    • P5WS0
    • P5WS5
    • P7YS0
    • P7YS5

    Packard Bell

    seria EasyNote
    • P5WE0
    • P5WS0

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