Movano charger 30W USB type C USB-C (white)
Movano charger 30W USB type C USB-C (white)Movano charger 30W USB type C USB-C (white)Movano charger 30W USB type C USB-C (white)Movano charger 30W USB type C USB-C (white)Movano charger 30W USB type C USB-C (white)Movano charger 30W USB type C USB-C (white)Movano charger 30W USB type C USB-C (white)
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Product description

Movano laptop power adapter

  • safe and reliable replacement laptop power adapter
  • compatible with your laptop
  • very good quality replacement
  • 24-month guarantee with free extension

High durability and reliability
The Movano laptop charger is safe for your equipment - it has been equipped with a system of protection against overvoltage, overheating, overloading and overcharging.
In the production process, the power supply undergoes a series of tests, including:

  • temperature resistance test, in which we examine the influence of high and low temperatures on the protection systems and electrical parameters of the power supply,
  • electrical test - we test the correctness of electrical connections between the individual components of the power adapter,
  • short-circuit and overvoltage test, during which the reaction of the power adapter protection systems to a simulated short-circuit or sudden voltage jump is checked,
  • final test, i.e. control of the power adapter output voltage level by subjecting it to an hourly constant load.

Is this power adapter suitable for my laptop?
Make sure you choose the right one by checking these parameters:

  • 5-20V - means the voltage of this power supply - the same should be specified on the laptop (INPUT) or on the original power supply (OUTPUT); allowed tolerance is 0.5V,
  • 3A, i.e. the current of this power adapter - on a laptop or original power adapter it should be the same or less,
  • USB-C - indicates the plug size of this power adapter and should have the same plug.

You will find a power cord, guarantee card and user manual always included in the set.

You don't know how to choose a power adapter for your laptop? We explain this step by step in the article How to choose a power supply for a laptop or tablet?

Guarantee up to 30 months
The Movano laptop power adapter is made of durable materials and high-quality components. We have equipped it with a reliable security system. As a result, you get a 2-year guarantee at the start, which you can extend for another half a year for free. This gives you a total of 30 months of peace of mind and confidence that whatever happens to your charger, we will help you.  

ATTENTION! The guarantee extension is FREE OF CHARGE and the entire procedure takes only 3 minutes. Details can be found in the Guarantee Card.

We remember about environmental protection
The production of Movano laptop power adapters at every stage is not only subject to quality and safety control, but is also performed with care for the natural environment, which has been confirmed by CE, RoHS and ISO9001 certificates.

Interchangeable with models
  • 02CR08
  • 0F17M7
  • 0RDYGF
  • 0RVR9
  • 0TDK33
  • 2CR08
  • 450-AGOQ
  • 661-02315
  • 8XTW5
  • DA30NM150
  • F17M7
  • FTHM3
  • HA30NM150
  • LA90PM170
  • MJ262Z/A
  • MR2A2ZM/A
  • TDK33
Compatibility with


seria MacBook Air
  • A1932
  • A2179
  • A2337
  • A2681
  • A2941
  • M1 2020 r.
  • Retina 13 Inch A1932 (late 2018)
  • Retina 13 Inch A2179 (2020)

seria MacBook Air 13
  • A1932 (Late 2018)
  • M2 2022 r.
  • Retina 2020 r.

seria MacBook 12
  • A1534 (Early 2015)
  • A1534 (Early 2016)
  • A1534 (Mid 2017)
  • A1534 BTO/CTO
  • A1534 MF855LL/A
  • A1534 MF865LL/A
  • A1534 MLHA2LL/A
  • A1534 MLHC2LL/A
  • A1534 MNYF2LL/A
  • A1534 MNYG2LL/A

    Extended warranty + 6 months
    We offer all our customers the possibility to extend their warranty period free of charge by additional six months for Movano and Mitsu products.
    All you need to do is register the product up to 60 days after purchase at and the warranty will automatically extend. Without additional costs.
    Extend your warranty for free
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