Mitsu battery for Asus Bateria Mitsu do Asus Vivobook S13 S330U, X330F, X330U
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Product description

Mitsu battery

  • efficient and safe Mitsu battery
  • class A capacious cells lithium-polymer of the world-famous brand Tianneng
  • full compatibility with your laptop
  • high-class product, durable and reliable
  • 24-month guarantee for the housing and electronics
  • 12 months guarantee for cells
  • free cell guarantee extension by 6 months

High quality and durability of cells
Class A cells lithium-polymer of the well-known Tianneng brand are the certainty of the capacity 3600 mAh (41 Wh) declared by us. Thanks to the use of high-quality components, the Mitsu battery is very efficient and durable, and provides a much slower decrease in nominal capacity compared to other cheaper alternatives. This means that the laptop will work in a stable and safe manner for many hours.

Security and no memory effect
Mitsu battery is equipped with an intelligent safety circuit to protect them from overvoltage, overheating, short circuit, overcurrent, deep discharge and overcharging. The product also provides no memory effect, so you can charge the battery at any time without fear of losing capacity.

Battery performance and service life
The Mitsu battery has a low self-discharge capability. Among other things, thanks to this, we can guarantee that you will maintain over 80% of the battery capacity after one year of use, and if you extend the warranty - we will ensure that the capacity is maintained at this level for 18 months! Depending on how you will use it, the battery will last for about 3 years.

Protecting the environment and your equipment
The production of batteries is performed at every stage with care for the natural environment, which is confirmed by CE, RoHS and ISO9001 certificates. On the other hand, taking care of your equipment and satisfaction, we offer you a free option to extend the guarantee for the capacity of the cells - by an additional 6 months.

ATTENTION! The guarantee extension is FREE OF CHARGE and will take you no more than 3 minutes (see the enclosed Guarantee Card for details).

Interchangeable with models
  • 0B200-03030000
  • 0B200-03030100
  • C31N1806
Compatibility with


seria VivoBook S13
  • S330U
  • S330UN

  • I330FN
  • K330FA
  • K330FN
  • R330UN
  • S330
  • S330F
  • S330FA
  • S330FA-EY001T
  • S330FA-EY002T
  • S330FA-EY005T
  • S330FA-EY006T
  • S330FA-EY008T
  • S330FA-EY020T
  • S330FA-EY023T
  • S330FA-EY025T
  • S330FA-EY038T
  • S330FA-EY041T
  • S330FA-EY044T
  • S330FA-EY067T
  • S330FA-EY092T
  • S330FA-EY094R
  • S330FA-EY095T
  • S330FA-EY127T
  • S330FA-EY129T
  • S330FA-EY138T
  • S330FA-EY158T
  • S330FA-EY301T
  • S330FA-EY302T
  • S330FA-EY353T
  • S330FA-SS8214T
  • S330FN
  • S330FN-EY001T
  • S330FN-EY002T
  • S330FN-EY005T
  • S330FN-EY016T
  • S330U
  • S330UA
  • S330UA-8130
  • S330UA-8130GL
  • S330UA-8130P
  • S330UA-8250
  • S330UA-EY003T
  • S330UA-EY007TS
  • S330UA-EY008T
  • S330UA-EY023T
  • S330UA-EY024T
  • S330UA-EY027T
  • S330UA-EY028T
  • S330UA-EY029
  • S330UA-EY029T
  • S330UA-EY030T
  • S330UA-EY033T
  • S330UA-EY034T
  • S330UA-EY036T
  • S330UA-EY042T
  • S330UA-EY046T
  • S330UA-EY053T
  • S330UA-EY067T
  • S330UA-EY068R
  • S330UA-EY301T
  • S330UA-EY302T
  • S330UA-EY637T
  • S330UA-EY843T
  • S330UA-EY953T
  • S330UA-GS8202T
  • S330UA-GS8502T
  • S330UA-RS8203T
  • S330UN
  • S330UN-EY001T
  • S330UN-EY006T
  • S330UN-EY008T
  • S330UN-EY010T
  • S330UN-EY024T
  • S330UN-EY027T
  • S330UN-EY036T
  • S330UN-EY037T
  • V330FA
  • V330FN
  • X330F
  • X330FA
  • X330FA-2C
  • X330FA-2D
  • X330FA-2G
  • X330FA-3C
  • X330FA-3D
  • X330FA-3G
  • X330FL
  • X330FN
  • X330FN-2C
  • X330FN-2D
  • X330FN-2G
  • X330U
  • X330UA
  • X330UA-2C
  • X330UA-2D
  • X330UA-2G
  • X330UN
  • X330UN-2C
  • X330UN-2D
  • X330UN-2G
Extended warranty + 6 months
We offer all our customers the possibility to extend their warranty period free of charge by additional six months for Movano and Mitsu products.
All you need to do is register the product up to 60 days after purchase at and the warranty will automatically extend. Without additional costs.
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