Integration with movano.pl Our IT department is constantly working on making our customers' lives easier. We offer numerous solutions on the website and functions in the customer panel and the backend itself.

You can easily configure your shop with movano.pl thanks to ready-made integration solutions available on request.
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Integration via XML
We provide all products from our offer in an XML file, which you can easily import into your online shop. The file is regularly updated, so any changes to the descriptions, photos or other aspects will be automatically visible on your website.
Mini API syncs
Do you have programming capabilities and require customised integration with movano.pl? We are open to suggestions and possibilities which will help save your and our time.

Examples of application:
  • Automatic order placement
Automatic invoice transfer to Subiekt GT
Do you use the Subiekt GT invoicing tool? We offer the possibility to automatically import invoices issued by us straight into your Subiekt.
Integration via CSV
This is the most universal and flexible method for data import. Each column can be individually adjusted to your own needs and architecture. CSV files are transparent and clear for anyone who knows how to use the "insert/remove column" functionality in Excel.
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