How to make wholesale shopping
easy and fun?
Our shop offers solutions designed to facilitate order processing for our b2b customers. Based on a thorough research of our customers' business needs, we have come up with tailor-made b2b solutions.
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To be able to see all solutions dedicated to b2b customers, make sure you are logged in to your wholesale account.
Product sheet
When adding products to the shopping cart, pay attention to the following aspects:
  • Prices
Net price of the product as well as SRP visible after logging in. The purchase price depends on the discount applicable to your account.

SRP - suggested retail price. This is the minimum acceptable price for further resale of our products. We respect all our customers and make sure that none of them practises dumping.
  • Product availability

Delivery information is available in a dedicated tab in the customer panel. If you hover over the "i" icon, you will see a preview of the subsequent deliveries of the product you are currently viewing.

Do you want to monitor the availability of a product without booking it? Set a notification. We will let you know once the product is available, and you can decide whether you still need it.
  • Product booking
You have the option of booking products that are currently out of stock in our shop. Once we receive them, we will immediately send them to you.
  • Free shipping with estimated delivery time

If the product is in stock, we guarantee next-day delivery within Poland for orders placed before 2 p.m.

A status bar tells you how much time you have left to complete your order.

Free shipping for B2B customers within Poland applies from orders worth PLN 500 gross.

Thanks to the graphic bar, you can quickly decide whether to add an extra item to take advantage of free shipping.
  • Alternative products
We offer quick suggestions of alternative options for the product you are browsing.

Based on the product specifications, you can choose an option with a higher/lower capacity or a different type of cells used.

You are not sure what the differences between the products are? Click on the "check out the differences" link for an explanation.
  • Compatibility

We have introduced a quick search engine so that, instead of scanning hundreds of items, you can quickly verify the compatibility of the product you are looking for.

Interested in finding other compatible products? Each one is a link. Click on it and see the products with similar compatibility characteristics. This way you can quickly find a compatible car charger or keyboard to a specific laptop model.
  • Product reviews
We have introduced a system of product ratings and reviews. We are confident of the high quality of our products and we know they deserve great ratings.

In order to ensure reliability, adding ratings and reviews is only possible to logged-in customers.
New shopping solutions
Finder - search engine for matching products

Finder is an advanced search engine, which at first sight looks fairly simple. It is designed to present the best possible search results when you don't know the whole name of a device model.

This powerful back-end tool will make sure that you can easily find the right product at movano.pl.
The search engine also suggests matches for part of the entered keyword.

The search engine algorithms search long-tail keywords assigned to products in the section "interchangeable with" or "compatible with".

This solution will allow you to easily find products that match your equipment, even if you know only part of the keyword.
Advanced search engin

Want to find various chargers with the same plug?

Use step-by-step search option or search by parameters in the advanced search engine at movano.pl
How to use the advanced search engine in an efficient way?

You can, for example, select a laptop model step by step and offer the customer a charger + battery + car charger set.

The advanced search engine allows not only to search for our products and verify their compatibility, but also to find products even when you don't know the model of your equipment.

Clipboard - Create your product lists
Creating product lists has never been so easy.

Need to set up a list for a customer or place two different orders?

Use the functionality of a clipboard, rename it, save it to pdf, customise it and come back when you're ready to add products to the shopping cart.
Shopping Cart - quick preview, editing and processing
Does it ever happen to you that you forget what you just put in your shopping cart? Well, we all do, especially when we have a lot of work and little time.

We have decided to make your life a little easier with a quick preview of recently added products.
Hover the cursor over the shopping cart and you can quickly preview the products you have recently added.

There is no need to click and check. This way your shopping experience is even faster and more enjoyable.
Do you work with text documents and want to place a wholesale order by importing a file?

We provide for the possibility of uploading such files, adapted to our system.

Remember that not every product may be in stock, so this option is not recommended if you are concerned about product availability and fast delivery.
Dropshipping - shipping directly to the customer
The dropshipping model is a flexible option offered by movano.pl, which we enable after concluding a personal data processing agreement with a customer.

Dropshipping at movano.pl is free of charge. You can attach shipping documents + waybill to each shipment and we will send your package directly to the addressee.
Address book
If you order goods with shipment to various locations, this option enables you to save various address details to your address book. This way you will be able to quickly select the shipping address in the future and place your order in even less time.
B2B Customer Panel - extended e-commerce possibilities

Based on years of analysis of our customers' needs, we have created new functionalities on the website. By working closely with a developer, we have created many useful e-commerce tools that will allow you to shop in a smarter way.

In addition to the possibility to monitor and check statistics, you can also keep track of your results in terms of growth, purchase volumes and the number of complaints.

The B2B Customer Panel is only available to authorised wholesale customers.

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