How to choose a laptop or tablet power adapter?

The power adapter is one of the most frequently purchased accessories. We often work on a laptop both in the office and at home. You then have to carry a power adapter with you. Unfortunately, the constant winding and unwinding can damage even the best quality cables. Anyway, it is not difficult to damage it, even if we only use the charger in one place. Because if a dog or cat does not chew it, someone will pull the plug too quickly and break the pin or tear out the cable or lose it ... It is worth being prepared for such situations and just having a spare power supply. Or several :)

There is nothing to cheat - damage, loss, etc. in the case of chargers are much more frequent than in the case of other accessories. Therefore, consider getting a spare today. By choosing a laptop power adapter or tablet charger from Movano and Mitsu, you can extend the guarantee for up to 6 months for free. All you have to do is register their serial number after the purchase in accordance with the guidelines provided in the guarantee card. It will take you 3 minutes at most, and it's really worth it!
If you don’t know how to choose the right power adapter, this mini-guide will guide you through the process step by step. In this article you will learn:
How to find a laptop or tablet power adapter in our store?
Where to find power adapter serial number and laptop/tablet model?
What to pay attention to when selecting a power adapter?
How to choose a car charger for a laptop?
If you do not have time to look, leave matters in our hands. Send us in chat or by email the serial number of the original charger or laptop model with V and A parameters (e.g. 19 V 4.74 A). Or just send us a photo of the nameplate from your laptop or power adapter and we'll read everything ourselves. And then we will send you a link to a properly selected product. However, we are convinced that you can easily do it yourself. See how:
How to find a laptop or tablet power adapter in our store?
In just three simple steps:
step 1 - enter the so-called compatibility (i.e. the model of your laptop or the serial number of the power adapter) and press ENTER
step 2 - when the search results are displayed, click on the power adapter with the same parameters as your original V and A (or W), and then check if it contains the compatibility you are looking for,
step 3 - visually compare the plug size of your power adapter with the one you see in the photo - if the same, feel free to order; If you still want to make sure, you can measure the outer and inner diameter of the plug with a caliper and compare it with our graphic.
This should be enough for you to choose the power supply adapter. But if you want more information or are curious about what else you should pay attention to, read more.
Where to find power adapter serial number and laptop/tablet model?
laptop model - turn the laptop upside down and find the nameplate, the model will be indicated on it; it rarely happens that the laptop model is on the plate under the battery, then you must remove the battery to read it,
serial number of the power adapter you'll find on a sticker, usually it will start with: Model or P/N.
What to pay attention to when selecting a power adapter?
Once you find the power supply with the compatibility you are looking for (laptop or power supply model), pay attention to two elements - its parameters, i.e. voltage V and current A, and the type of plug.
a) Parameters V and A (W)
Parameters are a very important element, because incorrectly selected parameters can damage your laptop or tablet. You can read on the original power supply or laptop, which parameters should be appropriate:
Reading parameters from the power adapter
The parameters to be looked for are preceded by the word OUTPUT on the label on the power adapter. They are V (voltage expressed in volts) and A (intensity expressed in amperes) - if we multiply them, we get the power W (expressed in watts, also often given on devices), e.g. 19.5 V * 3.34 A = 65 W.In the example given, the marking will be as follows: OUTPUT: 19.5V 3.34A (65W)
Interesting fact: the INPUT parameters given on the power adapter indicate which sockets the power supply can be connected to - our Movano and Mitsu chargers have a range of 100 to 240 V, so you basically do not have to worry because they will work in all countries around the world. Of course, you have to bear in mind that, for example, sockets in England differ physically and if you want to use them, you must have the so-called reduction.
Reading parameters from a laptop
Parameters can also be read from a laptop, but in this case they will be preceded by the word INPUT. An exemplary marking will be as follows: INPUT: 19.5V 3.34A (65W)
These parameters will be listed on the underside of the laptop, but sometimes you have to remove the battery to read them.
QUESTION: Do the parameters have to be identical?
ANSWER: Yes and no. The voltage (V) must always be the same. But the current (A) of the power supply you are purchasing may be equal to or higher than the original one. So if your laptop has an INPUT of 19.5V 3.3A (65W), you can choose a power adapter with a higher current, such as 19.5V 4.62A (90W).
a) type of plug - unfortunately, this is not a standardized element, so every manufacturer, or even every model of the same manufacturer, can be a different plug; this is a very important element, because if you choose it wrongly, it simply will not fit 
Sometimes you can get lost in it, so below are the dimensions of the most popular types of plugs for selected laptop manufacturers:
Acer: 5.5x1.7 (the most popular), 3.0x1.1, 5.5x2.5 (exceptionally)
Asus: 5.5x2.5 (the most popular), 4.0x1.35 (very popular), 4.5x3.0, 3.0x1.1, 6.0x3.7 and a few rare ones
Dell: 7.4x5.0 (the most popular) 4.5x3.0 (very popular), 4.0x1.7, 5.5x1.7 (exceptionally)
Fujitsu Siemens: 5.5x2.5
HP: 7.4x5.0 (the most popular) 4.5x3.0 (very popular), 4.8x1.7 (popular), 4.0x1.7, 5.5x2.5
Lenovo: rectangular yoga (the most popular), 4.0x1.7 (very popular), 8.0x5.5 (very popular), 5.5x2.5 (popular), 6.3x3.0
Samsung: 5.5x3.0 (the most popular), 3.0x1.1 (very popular), 2.5x0.7
Sony: 6.5x4.4 (the most popular), 4.8x1.7
Toshiba: 5.5x2.5, 6.3x3.0
The European Union is making every effort to standardize chargers in all equipment sold in its territory. The preliminary provisions on this matter are already in place. The target plug is to be the one used now, among others in new Apple USB-C laptops. However, you will still have to pay attention to the voltage and current, and the purchased power adapter must have the same voltage V and the current A equal or higher than that indicated on the laptop (or the original adapter). 
How to choose a car charger for a laptop?
It happens that we travel a lot and sometimes we have to charge a laptop or tablet on the road. It is worth getting a car adapter. When choosing such a charger, you follow the same rules as described above, but you must additionally pay attention to the parameters of the car socket to which you will connect it.
In almost all passenger cars and vans, sockets have a voltage of 12 volts, instead trucks have even 24 volts.
Our brands' power adapters have a range of 10-15 V, so you can easily use them in 12 V sockets, and those with a USB-C plug can be connected to both a 12 V and 24 V socket. 
This is probably a complete compendium of knowledge on choosing the right laptop adapter or tablet charger, so it's time to find and buy your spare. After reading this, think about using more than one
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