About us
Since 2007, ICO has been specialising in the distribution of high quality components for mobile devices by such manufacturers as:
Acer, Apple, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung and many others.

Our offer is based on our own brands Movano and Mitsu, which are highly rated by our customers, as evidenced by the Laur Klienta (Customer Laurel) award in the Discovery category we received in 2017.
We specialise in the distribution of premium accessories in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and, since recently, in Lithuania, Ireland or Sweden.

Every day we ship orders to countries in Europe straight from our logistics centre in Poland.

Together with our regular partners, we have created a user-friendly B2B interface and numerous IT solutions to support the development of your business.
We offer mainly wholesale services. We invite computer repair shops and other companies interested in cooperation with us to get acquainted with the terms and conditions.
Distribution of Movano and Mitsu products in Europe
  • Poland
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovakia
  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • Latvia
  • Hungary
  • Romania
  • Croatia
  • United Kingdom
  • Northern Ireland
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Why buy from ICO?
  • As a direct importer and distributor we can offer competitive prices.
  • New, full-value goods can be returned within 30 to 60 days of purchase (for regular partners).
  • Express orders (if an order is placed by 1 p.m., it is processed on the same working day).
  • Replacement of defective or damaged products right away (if a product is found to be technically defective, it is exchanged for a new one no later than the next working day after it is returned to us). Over 90% of RMA requests are resolved this way.
  • Monitoring of order progress.
  • Reliable and expert technical support - we specialise in our field.
  • We offer a number of functionalities, automation of XML, CSV, miniAPI, support for automatic uploading of invoices to Subiekt, etc.
Our brands

The Movano brand was created in 2007 as the first brand of our company. The first products sold under the Movano brand were laptop chargers. The first model was the popular 65-watt ZZ/LIT19342 compatible with a large number of laptops.

The next Movano products in our offer were laptop batteries. While from the very beginning they were all based on the original LG/Samsung cells, later the Movano Premium series was added.

The Mitsu brand is the second "child" of our company. Some of you may have associations with the Mitsubishi car make, but the similar name is coincidental.

The first Mitsu products were laptop batteries. Competitive prices and good quality made them very popular on the spare parts market.

With subsequent years, new Mitsu products were launched, including power tool batteries, tablet and laptop chargers.
ICO statistics
>1500 Unique products in the basic offer
>300 B2B partners
>300 B2B partners
<2,8% Complaints
710 000* chargers sold 315 000* batteries sold
8 Specialist manufacturers of our accessories
*data for 2020
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